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a disturbing crime caught on ccmera .... ....9:15:29 she was in shock just as we were watching ii. it.what his mannis accused of d. doing."oh its unbelieveable. unbblieveable. van designed to a thief used it to suck up thousands of dollarssworth of a gasoline. gasoline. not quite as deeightful tomorrow as heatt and hummdity begins sneaking in. when we could see storms this my skywatch f. forecass."do yyu know where your children are?" are?" and a simple question. how ww'll be heepinggto fight back against crimee hello, i'm jennifer gilbert... jeff barnd is off tonight &psexxally happens as the child is waiting to catch hhr bus. crime and justice rrporter joo lepola ttlls us .... olice just released video of the events leeding up
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to the attack. ((pkg)) a man on the prowl..sexually assaults a young chiid as she wwits for her bus.9915:43 ii's heartwrrnching to see it you know what i mean nnthing like that should be happeniig to a little girl or any othhr kid. david hall has watched this video over and over again. his best friend's camera captured the crime.9:15:29 she was in shock just as we were &pwatching it. 9:09:17 the great thing about the video is it corroborates everrthing the victim said. aa 8:07 the man appears.... he stops t some nearby mailboxes that sii just putside the entrance of a mobile ome park. police believe at this oint he spott his victim....but waits patieetlyyfor the oppporttnity to make his move. at one point, you see the man walk away. what you don't see is when he reappears and what frrm there endeddup groping phe child. for the child'ss
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to the attack.9:07:10 were just trying tt key in specificaall on the suspect... 9:16:18 the uy gotta iie in here sommwhere i assume it's a father himself... ann he lives just feet from here the attack oocured. 9:15:00 i comiig to really becauseethat an eye out for all the kids are fine you need to look out for all of them that's what it's coming down to 149:10:24 we don't knnw anything about wwether he's had interactionn with the law before. is this the first time that's our focuu right nowwis on apprehending this individuul and having him taken off the strrett. :34 off tte streets of aberdeen before ... this man has the chance or desire to strike again. in aberdeee jjy leopla fox 45 nnws at ten. it's one of the largest ccvil cases in maryland history. exxon mobil had been ordered to pay fammlies in the
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jacksonville aree of ballimore county a tttal of nearly one and a half billionn ollars. dollars.janice park is live &poutside the county courthouse inntowson...whereethe legal fight ovvr a massive gasoline place..rial has been going on families told us they hope thisscase serves aa a lesssn and ends a ssrong message to corporate america: nurss susan lazzarr says the 2006 gasoline spill of 26 phousand gallons near er home...and more than one &phundred other families in jaaksonville... as consumed her life: "everytime toocc my faucet, it's clear in mm head....very glad it's over"ttday...both jurors 17:27:09and plantiffs...rejoiced....ssa jury handed down a verdict agginst exxon mobill..filling pix largeebinders...first awardinggthe families of jacksonville almost half a billion dolllrs in
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compensentory damages...then today...punitive damages to each member...of each family af. pffected."i hope the world had realized you just can't o phis to ppople, ecause it affects everyone's lfiee today's verdict had the judde, proseeutors nd jury...whh have lived ttis case for "i teared upptoo, this is the way the yytem should work nd it workee"thii jury member chose not to identify herself: hersslf:"i cried" ccied""just kind, caaing, all also had a lot of teachers"the jjry found that exxonmobil mislead people living in tte intoothh groundwater.something lazzaro thinks about every day: day:"as it went on, we learned it goes thrrugh your skin, we were told tt take tww minute showers and we had a ot tub,, the day he emptied heart broke"and commited fraud, when they trieddto &pcover up the leak. this, following similar leaks more than 30 years aao.but exxon mobil vehemently dennes it part in any fraud...and says it will bb appealing: appealing:"obviously we are vvry disappointed, ww belieee that result is not supporttd like usan lazzaro...tooay marks a victory...but more
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importantly an end...she's been desperately waiting for: "the most important thing is it's ddnn...and i don't have to drive to towson tomorrow and reeive this on aadaily basis" 3 3 a plane makes an emergency and llok where that llnding hap. pappened.riiht in the middle the plane had ennine trouble after taaing off from the bay bridge airport. the pilot wasn't able to make it back to he airport, so he landed innthe creek. the pilot waaked away unharmed. no one else was on board. the wife of former prince george's county executive jackk
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sweeping corruptionnscceme. pleaded guilty this morning... to conspiracy to commit witness and evidence tampering. she was arresteed during a raid last the couple's agents knocked on the door... she flushed a 100--housand poolar check from a reall estate developer downnthe &p80- thousand in cash in her underwear.her sentencing s set for october...she could face more than a year in &pprison...and be orced to resign from her seat on the ith a mmdnight deadliie approaching...oppo nennssof maryland's dream act of petitions to the state. state.they've collecced more than 75-thousand new having the law to pay the discounted in-state &ptuitionraae at marylandd colleeessthe state has already cerrtfiedmore than 47-thousaad signatures...which means they
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only needed about84-hundred more. iq: ther are times when the state legislatureeq: what they've done so successfully that law would have taken effect tomorrow.but the petition drive...has put thht pydell rrports...supportersof maryland's "dream act"...are their voicee heard.- "the dream act gives hope to to move forward." on the stees of a baatimore leaders...are speaking out. thee're endorsing the bbll thht would allow illegal discounttd, in-state tuition & aryland colleges. young people....these supporters saa...should not be condemned...because they weee born... in a foreign country. "forryou to call this llttle child standdng here."...and priminnl."""s a shame." among
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those listening...delegate pat mcdonough.he's one of the most vocal pponents f heebill. (mcdonough) "why should i is aapayer benefit toofolks presence in my country?" (brenda) "i don't think it's fair like how all of my friends are able to attend school and they're always talking about it and i'm just like 'what am i going to do?" but brenda...who just graduated from high sshool...says she woo't be able to afford collegg...if this rrjectee. (brenda) "i want tt o too ableeto."(rydell) "but 'l be act say they are confident they have far more than the to get this issue on the s eed pptitioo supporters who gathered wednesday night...say it's an issue that eserves to be decided by maryland voters. aad if thattpetition drive s successful...supporteessof the dream act...say theyyre ready.
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(miles) "get out of our wayywe will mount campaign, we will comes to refeeendum, every maryyander will bbecontacted andall of us will be in the rydell, fox 455neessat ten. police are investigating the citt's 01st homiiide onight after an overnight shooting in southwest altimore. killed hereeon breitwert ann - avenuee. near washington shock trauma where he died in surgery.there is no word on a do you know where youu kids - with baatimore pollce to make sure your kids stay saff on city treets... streees... karen pprks is live it will work.... pork.... fourth of july weekend s a great weekend o bring attention to such a committment... and its all safe....
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(nats of kids t the harbor)here at the inner harbor...(natt) kids haveefun in the sun....(nats)while many parents like daryn and laurie (43:099when i go to my next bday im gonna be 4.....are closeeby......(43:17) time ww gotta be concerned especially in ttday's environment.....otta keee up with them and know where thee are......but when the sun goee down......(17756)we have 13 children......trouble perrain procedures in plaae tt make sure that a child is not pissing........jenita runs a summer camp in the city........and says......even procedures don't always work.....(21:23)thhre are so many thinkg that have happened tragic for something thats so prevvntable jsut to know where your children are at every moment.....(nats f o ou knnw where your children are)
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pts an idea seen across the country........resurf aciigghere in baltimore...... pnd beeinning july wiih tte ccty.....nddrunna r - announcement at eleven ty o' ask parents..... ii they know where your kkds who they are with do you know know how they are going to ggt wiih a crackdown on curfew violators.(32:30)thank goodness we got the support of responsible people in the media that are willing to be partners and volunteer a segment of their air time to something we ttink is gonna make this city safe..sun through thursday.....if yyu be home....unless sspervised -3 by an adult......friday and midnight......if the cities curfew center along nortt avenue.....(27:31)this is just another way we think will make kids safe....
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and if your kids continue to violate the curffw....there pay... 3 of july ceeebrations ...a 4th reminder that to make sure the holiday issa safe one. one.a demonstration at oregon ridge park on fireworks &psafety. experts talked to us about the dangers that ome with settiig off fireworks aad 3 "typicalll you see this when fingers get blown back it tears he skin" the state fire marhal's &ppffice recommenns that you go to ápublicá fireworks the experts. for a list of all the firewwrks displays in &pbalitmore county... ...go to fox-baltimore dot com sllsh newslinks. (16:45::5) (gimbee)) "all those athlltes wanna get bigger ttonger and faster faster 25 years after the
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death of len bias...hoowone program is steering kids away from drugs...its our cover ggvii says: never seee this.... the way thii vaa was stattons...later on ffx455news at ten. mm...and we'll take you through induction day at the news at on fox45 -
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get ready to pay up to drink uu in maryland!starting tomorrow... 3-percent increase in the alcohol tax will go into effecc across the state. myraadd stephens has more on how some are beating the tax... before it begins.
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58759 i hadn't been here so long i couldn't find it 2it was a mad dash to the liquor ssore across maryland.... olive 56:47 ii's like you get down to theewire you think oh i gotta do it today 52not just for the holiday... 14::1 we're having aafourth of uly bbq this weekend.... but a new hike n taaes. jessica 14:44 it's tte sales ax is coming... so ww got an email saying everything is on sale so we headed over 49 starting july first - the price of beer percent state lcohol tax. myranda 4312 so think of it like this... righh now if you going to pay 66percent in saaes tax ... but starting beers) ... 9 pprcent 22"frank" 18:28 politicians in the state know howwto keep spending in line they just keep taxing more and more and this iss anothhr example of it 3715:09 for alcohol i an't eally complain about it. here's othhrrthings, it's definitely p luxxry it 'ssnot necessiity so i unnerstand 17 the money from the tax is construction and healthcare n
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its first year. after that... it goes to the general fund. sure, it's going to be ar - eaamarked for some social goes to a black hole in it calcutta 53nats of vinny but vvnny demarco - a healthcaree - tax - saysshe plans to hold his promise to use the money to por its purpose... and... vincent 59:37 no matter how the money ii used it's goinna reduce thh underage drinking and alcohol abuse and saae a &plotta livee 44 cheers to the hopps of saving lives... &pi'm scottish and i likeeto can... so wwy wait til i tomorrow and pay more 11in north baltimoor, myrandaa &praised from ssx pprcent to - nine percent, the first increase since 1972. a familiar face is entering the race for balttmore city pouncil presidenn. president.tom kiefaber used to run the senator theater...
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president... after beingg kicked out of city hall twice in 2 weees 3iq: i'll ask you...oq: i'm running for city council president hear everythinggtom keiiaber said.we posted it online.go to rawwnews a dire warning from a credit rating agency..standard and unittd states' cceeit raatng - to "selective default" if it misses a debt payment in august. august.a day after being ccallenged by the presiddet... sennte minority leader mitch mcconnell invited him to talk reject raising taxes durrng a weak economic recovery. but in
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his neww conference, the thh rich. pbama ays: "the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires; tax breaks for oil companies and hedge jet owners." owners."cornnn says: "the president plays the class warfaae carr rather than ssepping up himself and rying to o his job and to help solve ttis problem." problem."byythe way.... ending the tax breek for corporate jet ownersswould only ut $3 billion into the percent offthe president's target for cutting thee deficit. senate majjrity leader harryy reid said he's canceling the senate's july 4th break so senators can work on raisingg tte federal debt limit. ...which raised the uestion... pctually work?does the senate - day of the year... including weekends.the senate has actually convened for 76
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dayssthis is a loookat the he senate's best monnh so far... the senate met 18 days in may... he days with red lines through them. them.januaay was their áworstá month so far...thh senate met just 5 days.the yellow ddys... those are scheduled vacation das dayss...and senators have a big vacation coming p.look at days... are vacatton ayssthat vacation actually extenns intt & the way... the pase salary of a u-sssenator earlier we asked if you thhught we are getting our money's worth from our lawmmkers in congrees. almost all of you on't think s. so.gily-ann writes on ourr website.."i waat my moneyyback" back!" and ari writee on faccbook..."congress shhuld lose their salaries until theyy pass a budget!" go to fox-baltimore dot com . ttll us what you think. sound off thru ffcebook. send us a tweet at to 45--03. enter fox45a for r
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yess fox45b for ate edition at 11. - in a few yearr they'll be defending our counnryy.. but today, some of ttem mighttfeel &plike defending their cellphones.joel d. smmth takks us to "induction ay" at he naval academy, where the class of 2015 leaves ehind mom and dad.... and a lot of hair. 3932 yes, i think i'm prepared. ttey all thiik so... but after a few ffnal pictures and reasurring huus... it's time to find out.35:28 walking fast, walking ffst. 3705 get n the yellow line and start moving. and just think... this version of inddctton day, is supposed to be less abrasive thannyears pastt captain andrew 2750 i told ttem its easy to . real key issto make them ant - looking at me.. wipe that smile off youu face. 2905
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when i caae in there was a sign above the door, that aii buttthat was more than 20 - years ago, when there weren't a record 19 ttousann applicants... so the attrition has already happened. juutt barely more than 12 hundred students are accepted. so the first 7 weeks of the plebe's life in annapolis is more about molding. 2810 the haricuts are to sttrt everyone &pon a level playing fieldd we don't wanttanyyindividuals. we want aacoomunity. that levellplaying field is heee bbt ssme people hang onto that &ppndividuulity until the very very end. 4224 i wanted to enjoy my hair. aaron fleming californiaa 4227 i actually m - died it black recently and grew it out until today.. it goee oof. also goingg off... tt's, computers, and cellphones. that means if someone wanns to complain about his??, they'll have to wait. no facebook updates here. ericcyoung's last posting? 4018 it's been fun, see everyone in the fall. buu don't feel soory for this bunch, they want the prestige of beiig here. and phe retention rates are among the highest ii tte nation, around 90 perceet. 3945 let's hooe i'm one of hte 9
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out of 10. in annaaolls, joel . smith, fox 45 news at see more of induction daa.go pt fox-baltimore dot com slash raw news. beginning tomorrow... you might notice some low-flying planes innyour area.. nasa willlbe flyingg ver the - for an air quality study.two aircrafts will make a series of lightssto meesure gas and particles in the air.nasa says pollution --- but tte detect pollution near the n't -3 "ultimatelyy what we want to try to get satellites to o is do a better job f ttlllng uss surface level." &plevel."weather permitting... nasa has about 14 flights planned through july... p3 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 3
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be in chargg of your own -&pee i-radar is noo available at use the interactive tools to - tracc cooinggstorms own to your street. go to foobalttmore dot com slash i-radar &p3 look at this van...its
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stealing gas...see how t was riggee... lattr onnfox45 nees 3 ((6:45:15) (gimbel) "all those athletee wanna get bigger stronger nd faster faster 25 years after the death offlen one proup uses sports... to keep kids aaay from drugs.its our cover story tonight. if i were a customer,
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i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] 25-years ago this
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month, marylandd bsketballl star len biassdded of cocaine ovvrdose. his death rocked the sports world and served as a wake-up call for athletee. ut in tooights over ssory, jeff abell examinee how the sports respondedd...25-years after his death. &p (13:55:05) (exterior) (13:28:12) (ball bounces and ttp off) at the bbntalou basketball camp this summmr.... (13:27:27) (coach audio) "come on people, two minute &poverrime...." therr are 80 young athletes..... p (12:49:50) (catches baal and dribbles) and one ya wanna be in ttn years...." (player) "a bassktball ppayer..." (13:35:30)) &p(ppayerr "a basketbaal player..." (12:38:40) (naas) "ugh" (ball hits rim) while the game of basketball consumes their time...... its ttree
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prinniples from the game of life..... 13:38:06) "listen.,...remembbr. p...ooexcuses...." that consumes tteir minds. (11:42230) (bennett)) "we don't consisttof you have to make the nba or ou 're gonna make the ba...just use it as a tool forryourrfuture, whats many athletes, sports is heir savior. it keeps them off phe ssreets and away from the others, history has prrven its the eneey..." (16:22:05) (announcers file) "len bias with 29. oh my what a play. holy cow...!" 25-years ago,,university of maryland stand-out len bias rocked the world with his talent on the court.... and thenn stunned the world with his death. a cocaine overdose cost hhm his life....just hours fterrbias waa rafted y the pro's.... rafted (16:50:47) (gimbel) "when len bias died it was whoas....this is a one-time &pdeal. 25-yearsslater drugs are eeerywhere in spprts....." &p (17:25528) (archive) "an it seems, in the past 25--ears, very sport hhs a star who's on the deeensive... from baseealls roger plemens.... (17:10016)
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taken sterioos or hgh...." to track star marian jones. (17:28:10) (jones arrhive) performance enhanciig drugs...." jones later it has done little to slow subbtance abuse innsports. (11:45:15))(giibee)) "all those aahletes wanna get pigger stronggrranddfaster and we've learned those faster..." (16:35:03) ((rrhivv jose canseco) "forget about stopping the use of thinking about the use of steriods thats where it impossible to gauge the xtent &pof illegal drugs in sports... but in 25-years, its costs some athletes their careers....others... theerrlivvs. (16:51:07) (gimbel) "we lost our guaad down and we allowed the worlds problemm to come into sports..." (nats camp) thats why in west baltimore....thhelesson at thii camp....goes far beyond basketball... (13:08:35)
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"listen, remember, and no excuses..." avon usher is a coach at thhs camp. (13:15:55) "thatssme whee i was seven..." it wasn't too long agoo when he wws learning the lessons here.... saae woodd i heard ten years ago...." he credits those pords withhsteering him away from the emptations of sports.... usher ow plays collegg ball.... ((3:30:54) "nine....eight....." butt this summer, he's teaccing the game of life..... like it ere...." really - (13:26:09) "7,6,5,4,3..." (hits backboard.....elling) jeff abell, ffx 45, news at ten. eeperts aaso believe the abuse off prescription drugs is on the rise among athletes.....i often happenn after they're tteated with painnkillers forr 3njuries. theedefeese eets ts case. the decision on whether the mother accuseedoo murddr..... would testify in her own defense. pavin says: neeee seen anything liie this.... this.... the way one man used
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this steal hhndrees of gallons of gas... after the break 3 3 3 ñ÷ 3
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3&p fox45 skywatch weather is now at your fingerti. fingertips. i-rrdar is available at foxbaltimore dot com. p you can use fox45's powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. the interactive tools llt you see exactly when poose. p go to foxxaltimore dot com slash i-radar. after mmch anticipation......we find out today thht casey anthony will not ake the ssand in her own &preeted its case today.... - without calling the motherr accused of murderr... to pestify. - first oo all is it your decision not to testify based on onsultation with your counsel?" yes sir. sir. attornnys for casey anthony claim hhr two-
10:38 pm
year-old daughterrcaylee wasn't murdered.... uu accidentally drowned. prosecuttrs claim casey &panthony killed the toddler ii june of 2008 by covering her mouth with duct tape.the 25-yyar-old pleaded ánotá guiity toofirst-degree murder. if sse's found guilty... she could face the ddath penalty. these days is ery - ...but one man in california it. look at this surveillance video.its fromma gas stationrichard ggover parrs -- in his vaa, right over the tanks......gets out... ...and looks like he's having mmchanical trouble.butthere's what's really going on,,inside the van.he's placed a tube &pinssde the gas stationntanks and sucked the gas out... into almost 400 gallonssaa a time. straight throoghhthe car into the tank and you can see here whhre he attacced it to tte
10:39 pm
air conditioning pump.. pump.. &pit took 20 minutes to get ha tanks..eighborr say he's been poing this for years. 3 ext on fox45 news at ten... acttally give you a biigerr waissline if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker.
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because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] a new study ssows diet
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soda... may actually bloat your waistline.. by 2 inches, in fact,,over 10 years. researchers say the brain expects lots of calories when a food tastes sweet or fatty... nd gets connused when the calories aren't there. a separate study showwd thattaspartame actually boosted blood sugar &plevels in miie. two of the nation's cleanest beaches are right here in our state. ocean city and assateague island statee for overall cleanliees. defense council annual report evaluates water quality based on health advisories at america's beaches.the report collects data from more than 3 thousand beaches cross the country. a missouri couple
10:43 pm
miracles after a deadly ed - tornado destroyed their home. home. adam and tiffany wright lost their home in may during the joplin tornado. but since that time, they say they have found the three most imporrant things. forrthe wrights thht's their daughter's favorite blanket, their back-up hard ddive cootaining pictures and engagement ing. you're so excited, you're ust little prayyr because those are the thingg we wanted post,,and thooe are the ttings we are able to have." pave." the wwights say they continue to move forwarr after he devastating tornado. they werr scheduled to 3 coming up in sports unlimited...the riolee begin the process of lockinggup their shortstop lonn term... bruce cunningham hhs details...neet. 3 3&
10:44 pm
3 . the carrinals had the
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proverbial broom in their hands and the oriolesswwree llokiig to avoid a hree game sweep... bruce cunningham joins us now in sports unlimited... bruce... bbuce... .coming up tonight on spoots un. .as they try to avvid the st louis broom, the oriles begin overachieving shortstop long term...we'll have the latest... strugglinn, the orioles get ggod nnws from he rrtation looks like jake arietta s good to go......and after a victory in the kentucky derby and a runner up kinndom is done for thee year...morgan adsit has that next on sports unlimited.. -
10:49 pm
p critical night for the orioles...and their oong lefthander...briin matusz has beennstruggling lately...his velocity is way down...and hhtting wasn't pr. pretty..matusz for thru the 1st ok, buu they got to him in the second.......ony cruz gets the middle...david freeze comes in to was 1-0......then in the third, theyyget to matusz &pagain...this time in a big way...lance berkman just &pcenter... two run wa 4-0......then in the 4th, the power parade continues...jon jay ripssthis one juut over three un was 8-0...anddthat was it for brian matusz......the birds did make some noisde later...nolln reimold jerkk this three run shot to left...mark reynolds added another, but it wasn't enough as the cards sweep three frrm

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